We specialize in the construction, installation, and repair of pipes used to carry water, gas, sewage, and wastewater. With an extensive background working on wastewater treatment plants, we have proven we are leaders in this area.

Factory Mechanicals and Process Piping

Our experienced crew understands the safety measures necessary for factory mechanicals and process piping. We construct and install the various pipework needed to transfer any kind of industrial or manufacturing product. From natural gases and chemicals to food and ingredients, we’ve completed process piping for a multitude of clients.

Steel Erection

When erecting steel structures, much planning and coordination is necessary to assure the structure is built appropriately. All pieces need to be pre-fabricated and assembled in a specific order to ensure it functions as designed. At Delco Construction, we take great pride in our planning and execution skills when it comes to constructing steel buildings and other structures.


We manufacture, construct, install, test, maintain, repair, alter, remove, or replace any electrical work needed on your projects. Our experienced staff is well versed in electrical work and understands how critical proper installation is in keeping the site safe and functional.


Our skilled craftspeople work with timber to construct, install, and maintain buildings and other items for your projects.

Site Utilities

We are experts in providing site utilities across a number of different areas including municipal, industrial, and commercial. The installation and maintenance of construction site utilities including power, lighting, safe and suitable equipment and facilities, staff welfare, and accommodation are paramount to the overall success of any construction project.

Fire Protection and Sprinkler Work

Delco Construction ensures that your business’ sprinkler system is up to code and installed efficiently to keep you and your business safe.

Dirt Work

In order for any project to get started correctly, it is vital that the dirt work is done right. Whether you’re building an above or below ground structure, Delco Construction has the manpower and experience to complete the dirt work necessary for any project.